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Spa Specialist

At the Skin and Laser Medical Centers, we have highly qualified aestheticians, that provide medical spa treatments for both women and men.

What types of facials do you offer?

Aesthetic Skin & Laser Medical Center offers a complete spa with services designed to address an array of skin needs. Our facial options include:

  • HydrafacialTM, a patented technique that uses hydrodermabrasion to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, restore and protect the skin
  • Medi-Spa facial that uses masks, serums and other products selected for each patient’s unique needs
  • Enzyme renewal facial to exfoliate skin and improve skin texture
  • Corrective facial using special products, steam and extraction for those with acne-prone skin
  • Men’s facials using products specially designed for male skin, combined with a de-stressing massage of the neck and shoulders
  • Oxygen facial that uses oxygen combined with vitamins to promote optimal skin health and reduce acne breakouts and other skin issues

How can a massage improve my overall health and wellness?

Massage helps in several ways, First, massages help relieve acute and chronic stiffness and pain in muscles and connective tissues, including back and neck pain that can cause headaches and even interfere with sleep and regular daily activities. Second, massage helps stimulate circulation to relieve inflammation and get rid of built-up toxins in muscles and other soft tissues so optimal health is supported and chronic pain issues can be resolved over time. And finally, massage helps promote relaxation and relieve stress which has been shown to contribute to chronic pain, weakened immunity and other issues.

What types of massage options are available at Aesthetic Skin & Laser Medical Center?

Massage options include:

  • Swedish-American massage to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and promote greater flexibility
  • Deep tissue massage to reach deep into tense, sore muscles, releasing adhesions (muscle “knots”) while promoting deep circulation to relieve inflammation and soreness
  • Therapeutic massage which uses a combination of Swedish-American and deep tissue techniques customized for each patient’s specific needs
  • Accusage designed to address specific pressure points to unblock meridians, promote circulation and support overall health and wellness
  • Hot stone therapy to restore the balance of internal energies through the application of direct, specific heat
  • Reflexology, a unique foot massage technique that uses pressure points to unblock energy channels throughout the body so overall health and balance are restored

If you’ve never had a massage, the Swedish-American technique provides a great introduction.